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Cutting the Grass: How Short is Too Short?

How Short Should You Cut Your Grass? It’s rarely a mystery when a lawn is getting too long and needs to be trimmed. However, what height should you cut your grass to keep it green and healthy? This article was … Continue reading

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7 of Minnesota’s Best Waterparks

This article originally appeared on Only In Your State on May 24, 2016. It was written by Jo Magliocco and can be read in its original context here. These 7 Epic Waterparks in Minnesota Will Take Your Summer To A … Continue reading

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It’s Spring, or is it?

We are having such great weather, so warm and summer like!  This is unbelievable!  Spring doesn’t even officially start until next week yet it feels like we have already hit summer.  I don’t want to be the one who wrecks … Continue reading

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Wow! Already Labor Day Weekend!

The summer has almost ended just when it seemed to really get started!  At this point we have all long forgotten the pain of a lousy cold and wet spring that came to an abrupt end with a scorching hot … Continue reading

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Want to strike up a conversation? Mention the weather!

Here we are in August in Minnesota not knowing what to do with ourselves in this extreme heat and humidity.  Hard to believe that just 6 short months ago it was -20, a dew point around 10 and we had … Continue reading

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