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If it’s the Holidays, it must be lutefisk time!

It is the holiday season and many Minnesotans will eat lutefisk. It is one on our most infamous foods – dried cod that has been reconstitute in a bath of water and food-grade lye. It doesn’t have much of a … Continue reading

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Lutefisk Anyone?

With the strong Scandinavian heritage in Minnesota, Lutefisk always becomes a subject at holiday time!  Lutefisk dates back to the Vikings so it is quite an old tradition.  Lutefisk is dried cod soaked in a lye solution for a few … Continue reading

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Some Good Old Minnesota Trivia

The holidays are upon us – so there you are sitting around with 20 relatives and no one has anything to say.  No more worries – try out some of this Minnesota trivia to liven up any holiday occasion! Minnesota … Continue reading

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Hotdish and bars anyone?

Now if you are wondering what the heck I am talking about you are obviously new to Minnesota!  This time of year when the weather cools down and we are seeking comfort food rather than food on a stick the … Continue reading

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