Spring in Minnesota

springWhether you are new to Minnesota or not I’m sure this March you are wondering what has happened to spring?  Last year March was also a strange spring with record or near record high temperatures on many days. March 2013 is also setting records but for cold temperatures and wind chills much like ones we normally see in January.  Maybe March 2014 will be more of an average March for weather!

There are a few things to keep in mind when you get totally frustrated with the snow and cold.  The average high temperature for March in Minnesota is 28 degrees which is below the freezing point.  March is also known to be one of our snowiest months of the winter with around a foot of new snow, so getting a lot of snow is nothing unusual. The latest snow recorded in Minnesota was on June 4, 1935.

Last year we really got a jumpstart on spring with fertilizing lawns in early April, mowing in April, planting in early May, but that is really risky business in Minnesota.  This year these things will be delayed whether we like it or not as it is rather tough to fertilize a lawn that is buried under snow!

Even if the weather does warm up soon and the snow all melts away, keep the basic rules for our climate in mind and never forget that while it may be 70 one day, it could be 30 the next and this is true until around mid-May.  Most years the lawn does not need a first mowing until sometime in May, the rule of thumb for outdoor flower pots is to wait until after Mother’s Day but still be prepared to bring them in or cover them if we should have frost in the forecast.  As for planting gardens, wait until the end of May unless you are planting hearty plants that can handle a good frost or two.

While you are waiting to get out and do some yard work, make sure that your lawn mower is in good shape and if it needs a tune up, now is an ideal time to get that done. Get your lawn fertilizer and garden seeds so you are ready when the warm weather hits.

This time of year we all have had our fill of winter and want spring to appear, but you can’t force nature so sit back relax and wait for that stronger sun to melt that snow cover and bring our temperatures up.

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