Comfort Food Season

Here in Minnesota we have entered the comfort food season.  The weather has cooled off, it is dark so much of the time it seems and we all have the urge to eat comfort foods.  Just as a nice crispy salad sounds delicious on a hot summer day, a nice pot roast with potatoes and gravy sounds perfect this time of year.  It all goes back to when the human body needed to store fat for the winter to stay warm.  Now we just store fat for no reason!

This time of year everyone enjoys getting out their crockpots and slow cooking some tasty meals.  You can find millions of great recipes online.  The advantage is that you can buy less expensive cuts of meat, add them to your crockpot along with vegetables and other ingredients and let it cook on the counter all day long.  All the flavors of the different ingredients blend together making a really tasty all in one meal.  If you are attending parties, lots of Minnesota folks will actually bring their crockpots with them to serve their particular food item, everyone just plugs in, food stays warm and you can help yourself when you want to.

We Minnesotans enjoy our hotdishes at this time of year as well.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, hotdish is Minnesotan for casserole.  Just put all your ingredients in an oven safe cooking dish and bake for an hour or two.  One main difference between a hotdish meal and a crockpot meal is that the crockpot meal cooks all day.

Lastly, we just like anything that is meat and potatoes, something nice and heavy to eat in the cold weather.  It can be pork, beef or chicken but serve it up with potatoes, gravy and some vegetables and you have a nice hearty wintertime meal.  For a little dessert we also like to have a bowl of Jello, sometimes with fruit cocktail.

That is comfort food season in Minnesota in a nutshell!

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