The Mighty Mississippi

The Mighty MississippiMinnesota is home to the mighty Mississippi river, in fact, the river actually starts in our state.  The Mississippi River is a huge part of US and Minnesota history so why not take a trip up to the source of the river this summer?

Lake Itasca is just a 3-4 hour drive up north depending on where you are coming from in the Twin Cities.  It is the primary source of the Mississippi River which flows over 2500 miles to the Gulf of Mexico.  The Mississippi is also the 4th longest and 10th largest river in the world going through or bordering on 10 of our 50 states.

You can’t miss the source of the Mississippi as it is a 44 ft long outlet dam at the northern end of Lake Itasca.  The water is pretty shallow so most people like to “wade” across the Mississippi but if you don’t want to get wet at all there is a log bridge you can use to cross it as well.  For a bit of history you may want to go to the Mary Gibbs Visitor Center.  Mary Gibbs was instrumental in saving the source of the Mississippi from the logging industry back in 1903.  The visitor center has a various displays and exhibits, a restaurant and gift shop.

Itasca State Park has many activities that are family friendly such as camping, biking,  hiking, canoeing or horseback riding.

Take a short road trip to the source and make it a fun learning vacation for the entire family!

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  1. joandstella says:

    We wrote a little about your blog on Stella’s blog today. We didn’t realize you were a realtor but you did provide a lot of nice features of our state. Now if you could just dial the temp down !

    Jo’s World
    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

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