A Visit To Uptown

Looking for the in spot to live or hang out in?  Uptown is it!  The Uptown area of Minneapolis has always been trendy but has also gone up and down in popularity over the years.  Now it is back at the top located in walking distance of Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles with its corners roughly put at Lowry Hill East, East Calhoun(ECCO), Calhoun Isles (CARAG) and East Isles neighborhoods.  It is a very popular area for shopping and restaurants as well as living.

If you are thinking of living in the Uptown area it will be tough to find a place that is vacant!  Right now even buildings that are not yet completed are almost rented out and for high rents as well!  Lofts and condos are currently the hottest properties.   If you are looking for a single family home they are quite pricey – a bargain is hard to find!  Developers can’t seem to build fast enough in this area at the moment.

The beauty of the area would be the over 200 shops and restaurants including the hottest new stores, a wide variety of cuisine and a superb nightlife.  Calhoun Square, a small shopping mall in Uptown, was almost pronounced dead a few years ago and today it is booming and bustling with new restaurants, clubs and trendy stores such as CB2 and Timberland.  The other draw would be the lakes (meaning Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles and Lake Harriet).  The lakes are ideal for walking, biking, running, swimming, sailing, canoeing, skating and more.  There are also many wonderful events held at the lakes each year such as the Uptown Art Fair and concerts at the Harriet Bandshell.  For those tv fans, Mary Tyler Moore lived on Lake of the Isles in the Mary Tyler Moore show which showed many scenes from the lakes in the show introduction.

The Uptown/Lakes area really began its first popularity stint in the late 1800’s when the street cars made it from the city out to the area.  People began building vacation homes, hotels and businesses on the water and it became a popular recreational area.  The Uptown Theater – can’t miss the trademark sign – a mainstay in the area is probably the oldest theater in the Twin Cities.  In the 1940’s Minneapolis named the area Uptown after the booming Uptown area in Chicago.    It began as the Lagoon but burned down in 1939.  Once World War II ended and people were able to build again, the streetcars made their way out west to Lake Minnetonka which then became the popular place to vacation and build lake homes causing Uptown to lose its luster and crime began to creep in.  In the late 1970’s the trend started to turn the area around using the “artist” culture.  Many young professionals started moving to Uptown as it was close to the city but far enough out and there was so much to do with arts and entertainment and recreation on the lakes.  Now it is probably more popular than it has ever been!

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