Want to strike up a conversation? Mention the weather!

Here we are in August in Minnesota not knowing what to do with ourselves in this extreme heat and humidity.  Hard to believe that just 6 short months ago it was -20, a dew point around 10 and we had some 80 inches of snow on the ground!  We were dreaming of summer and dreading our heating bills and now just the opposite is true!  One thing is a fact – in the winter you can really add layers and bundle up to stay warm but in the summer heat, there is only so much you can take off and sometimes that is not enough!

Minnesotans are weather survivors – we handle everything from 100 degrees plus down to minus 30 or more and we love to talk about it – sometimes it may seem like complaining but really I think we are proud that we can handle such extremes.  One thing for sure – our wardrobes are not boring!  Remember that Norwegian ski sweater you bought in your 20’s on a college trip to Europe that you have never worn but could not bear to throw out – in Minnesota there are plenty of winter days where such a warm item is just the ticket!  In the fall and spring you need those cotton sweaters and long sleeve shirts and in the summer you need the smallest, lightest clothes you can find!   For women there is constantly a weather change that results in the need to go shopping – lucky for us we have a lot of enclosed malls!

People laugh at us here when the temperatures hit 40 in March and many folks put on shorts and head out to the store.  Really, when you consider the cold we have been through it is a heat wave – it just looks a bit odd with all the snow around and people in shorts.  Conversely, in the fall when it is in the 40’s we don our down jackets and wonder how we will survive the cold winter.

Lucky for us we have 10,000 plus lakes to help us cool off be it a day at the beach, boating, inner tubing or just enjoying the cool breeze coming off the water.  With these dew points that are higher than those in the tropical rainforest water is really the only way to cool off.  The past few weeks we have had a massive heat wave with temperatures in the upper 90’s and dew points as high as the low 80’s which have set some new records.  We love our records.  As long as we have to live in the weather we might just as well set a record with it.  I believe July was the 5th hottest on record and last winter was the 5th snowiest.  Odds are that this winter will be a dud, just average which becomes rather boring after a record setting winter.

Ask someone from Minnesota about the weather and you are bound to get an ear full.  If you are not from here think about this – if it is really so awful to live here in this weather free for all, why do most people love living here and not want to move???  Maybe we complain about the weather to scare the outsiders from coming here so we have Minnesota all to ourselves!

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