Welcome to my new blog – Why would anyone want to move to Minnesota?

I came up with this blog at first for my clients that are relocating to Minnesota and are afraid of what life will be like here.  As I thought about what to write I realized that this blog will also be something for those of us that live here already.  I will share facts and information about our state, current events, photos, articles, what to do and much more.  The blog will focus mainly on the Twin Cities area but will also touch on other areas of the state.  Even if you already live here you may just learn something new!

Did you know that for most relocation clients the move to Minnesota is about the worst thing they can think of – no one ever wants to move here but when it is time for these same people to leave they do everything they can to be able to stay here.  Minnesota is a well-kept secret.  We tend to bad mouth our weather and living conditions but that is more to keep our state from becoming over crowded.

Minnesota has so much to offer with its 4 seasons.  We are a very active folk at all times of the year!  It never gets boring as just when you are tired of lawn care the snow comes and when shoveling gets old spring is back.  We ride our bikes on our endless miles of trails, ski our hills, hike, snowshoe, camp, boat, golf, you name it we most likely do it!  We are also culturally diverse, have so much theater and music – many famous people come from here including Prince, Bob Dylan, Lindsey Vonn, Judy Garland, Peter Graves and many more.  We have baseball, football, basketball and hockey.  We also have the Mayo Clinic and our University Clinics which all provide superior healthcare.

We are a people that have learned to adapt, be it 20° below zero or 95° above we can handle it.  We have so many indoor activities for the winter as well as our downtown skyway system where you can walk all over the city without ever going outside.  In the summer we have our open ballparks, lakes, outdoor concerts and fairs – we take full advantage of every season.

The other day the History Channel had a short clip on life in Minnesota and its history.  This is a great way to introduce yourself to the state and find out some interesting information!  Take a look and learn a bit about life in Minnesota.

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